Why These Courses?

Trust and Value For Money

Money is an interesting thing, people have so many ways of looking at it, going back even to the days when money was in the form of gold and sliver money was simply a tool to achieve what we have set our minds on. Nothing has changed, money today is still a tool that allows each of us to achieve what we set our minds to.

Parting with money though always requires thought. The larger the sum of money involved, the longer the thought process. It’s natural. After all you spend a large part of your life putting in the long hours and the hard graft to make that money arrive into your account in the first place. You are not going to simply give it away without questioning what you are getting in return.

So, let’s imagine you have seen something that you feel will add value to your life. You have put in the time to do the research and check out all your options and are now ready to part with your hard-earned cash. The question that first needs answering is am I getting value for money?

A university course leaves the majority with a mountain of debt in loans but the power of a degree from a reputable university opens up the doors of opportunity to increase ones earnings vastly which means those loans have added tremendous value. A car is a necessity for most and so saving up for one or getting a loan for one is not a problem as the badge has a reputation and so adds value to your decision. It is the same with buying a house or going on a holiday. With many things that are purchased with your money, it is clear what you are getting in return and so it is easy to eventually part with the cash. As we mentioned before it is simply a tool for the desires of your mind.

However, with many things it is not so easy to see if we are getting value for money. We are all too often led to believe we are, paying up in good faith but once the realisation sets in that we have had the wool pulled over our eyes, the money is long gone and we are left with a sour taste in our mouth. Ever seen those Cowboy Builder programmes? Ever bought a dud second hand car? Then you will know what I am talking about.

Unfortunately, the trading world is no different. Some of you reading this may be familiar with those free seminars in the city. The ones that promise you the world in their presentation, usually given by some hard talking, well-trained, overconfident salesman. You have been mesmorised by the numbers and the images flashed in front of you and then come the course fees. It is normally £14 995 but if you sign up today, the weekend course is only £2995 and more importantly there are only 10 places left!! Hurry hurry sign up!! (Strange how 2 months later you are still getting phone calls for those 10 places!)

Here the psychology of money comes in. It’s been a good pitch you think to yourself. You trusted the sales man and now feel that this company will add value to the hard earned money you are about to part with. But as is all to common, those that end up on these courses soon discover all the extra hidden costs that add up to ridiculous amounts. Costs that were conveniently forgotten about during that free presentation. The software, the data feed, the extra mentoring, the cost of buying the strategy, which is a very questionable strategy in the first place.

Then the real sucker punch. The horror of realising that this weekend course was just a precurser for their “university” which has an equally hair-raising cost to it. You have been “had”!

The truth is you wanted to learn an art that once mastered, has the potential to change your life beyond imagination and you think it can be done in a weekend? The age old saying of “Rome was not built in a day” comes to mind. In reality, the content of these weekend courses are poor and heavily over-priced and they end up being an expensive lesson for most but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Some of us realise that we do not need to go through painful learning experiences inorder to get the results we desire.

So the question initially put to you was “Why us?” and “Why our courses?” and the answers are trust and value for money. Our motivation to start this mentoring scheme was to stop people wasting their hard earned cash on cleverly sold and marketed but poorly designed and overpriced courses. If you have been bitten once but still want to learn to trade, we admire your persistance and determination and assure you that on our courses you will not get bitten. You can trust that what you read on these pages is honest, with absolutely no hidden costs, and that the courses will give you a complete mentoring into the art of trading. The length and the content of the courses are designed to give you exceptional return for your money.

What undoubtedly seperates us is the one-to-one mentoring, we do not pack people into our room to deliver our content. These sessions can then deliver you quality for your time and money as they are specifically tailored to your level and needs. You will be mentored, in our office, into the principles of real Smart Money trend trading. The remainder of the course is designed to guide you step-by-step to a proficient level of trading as you master what you are taught.

As mentioned earlier in the site, but there is no harm in repeating, is that being mentored by a trader that is already apart of the 5% Smart Money is the key to joining that exclusive group. It just makes sense!

No doubt this trust takes time to build and is mostly done through you getting to know us and us getting to know you so please contact us and we will be delighted to get a conversation going.


Phew! With the reading done and out of the way, you can go straight onto the Course Details to find the right package for you!