Here you will find what our current members have to say about the mentoring they have received:


Zaheer and the Dynamic Trader have given me the means by which I can continue to live in freedom. I have some property and investments but needed more, having four children I support alone. I needed an income. So when I met Zaheer I was open to what he had to say. And what he had to say has set in motion a series of choices and decisions that have gone far beyond the income I was looking for. Having never traded before I was completely new to the markets. But I trusted Zaheer when he said he could teach me. And he has! The mentoring system has to be the most effective way of learning but is only as good as its mentors and Zaheer is second to none. He is a natural teacher, excellent at imparting his extensive knowledge and inspiring confidence and enthusiasm. I have much to learn, but with Zaheer I have the support I need going forward, and a mentor worthy of my trust and attention.

Trisha D’Hoker, England


My experience in forex is a simple story of two halves. The first story is unfortunately a very common one many traders suffer – one of trying to trade with limited education, believing that success with a couple of broker-provided strategies would lead to great riches in a short time. After suffering the frustration and cost of many failed attempts I made the decision I should have made at the beginning – to first invest in my knowledge. Anyone who’s received the benefit of an education of any level or type will understand this – the principle of ‘education first’ – which equally applies to the forex market. And so my second story began – with Zaheer as my trainer and mentor. Zaheer’s professionalism and training, particularly his insight into the real holy grail – discipline and application – was invaluable. Since completing my training and applying their proven techniques my trading has not looked back – on reflection the investment was a no-brainer.

Ashley Wain, England


The mentoring, training and education Zaheer provides is at one’s own pace to learn and absorb, always ensuring that one understands the logic on why we trade a particular way. He is an excellent coach and teaches very effectively on how to catch an emerging trend. My husband and I now only trade when market conditions allow us to trade trends, trading with the Smart Money logic instilled into us by Zaheer. Between May 2012 and August 2012 we had successfully collated over 15000 pips on various trades within just the Forex markets. We are no longer interested in trading or trying to trade consolidating markets. We have learned and experienced that this is a very futile manner to trade. Without a doubt, I would genuinely recommend Zaheer for mentoring if you are seriously considering learning to trade.

Sital and Sanjay Lachhani, England


Having investigated trading on my own for several months, I noticed Zaheer’s Twitter comments and Huffington Post articles, and began a conversation with him concerning the usual methods of trial and error attempts at trading vs. the correct and profitable way of trend trading. Impressed by Zaheer’s ways of explaining how the markets work and methods to tap into the strategies that are successful over time, I wanted more of his knowledge and mentoring services. Although I am still a new trader, much has been learned from Zaheer through his patient attention to my questions, his accessibility, and deep understanding of trading in the current, challenging market environment. Along with the support of his team and an emphasis on following the rules, my ongoing mentoring experience with Zaheer is both enjoyable and essential to my trading activity.

Patricia Lyle, Austin, Texas USA


Zaheer and I had started to learn to trade the Forex markets together under the guidance of our fantastic and higly succesful mentors, Javid & Anne. As we both immersed ourselves into trading, it was evident to see even at this early stage that Zaheer had found his forte and it was soon apparent that he would become more than just a successful Forex trader. As our paths veered into different directions for a couple of years, I had lost ground on trading.  However, with his patience and support, Zaheer soon got me back to the Smart Money trend trading ways. With his expert teaching skills and unique style of making the student understand the mastering of the markets, I am now consistently extracting thousands of pips, using the technical, mechanical and psychological approach required to be amongst the 5% Elite. Thanks to the training I received from Zaheer, I contribute both Forex and Stock blogs to this website and also play a part in mentoring our members.

Imran Gitay, England


I met Zaheer a few months after I had begun my journey as a trader as a complete novice. Like most beginners I was not successful and ready to quit since I thought trading was not for me. Zaheer, with his dedication, patience and a very accessible way to explain concepts changed my vision completely: when before meeting him I considered 20/30 pips a great gain now, after following his tuition, making thousands of pips has become a reality!

Ercole De Conca, Portugal


I started learning to trade, like many others, without any prior knowledge. As a female entering a male dominated environment, I felt it was absolutely vital to have complete trust and faith in my mentor. Zaheer made it clear to me from the beginning that trading takes time to understand but with the right education it is not as complex as it looks. From our initial conversations, I knew I could trust Zaheer to take me on the right path to understanding trading and with his mentoring, was confident I could get it working for me. He really knows what he is talking about and is keen to pass on his knowledge to his mentees in a way that is simple to understand. I’m delighted to have Zaheer as my mentor. With also the support of Imran for questions and issues through webinars and messages, I am in great company. My trading is progressing very nicely and quicker than I had anticipated.

Malin Westerholm, Sweden


After about 3 months of mentoring, I made 60% profit in 6 weeks on my account and that was while I was still in the learning phase. I was basically overwhelmed with how easy Zaheer had made it for me to understand trading. It’s so wonderful to know that you have people to talk to and a whole support team behind you that wants to see you become a successful trader and are there ready to answer questions. One thing that blew me away was the price of the course, and what you get for it. It is serious value for money as it is a complete mentoring course. There is nothing on the internet right now that could compete with what their package offers. I encourage you to do your research and find out for yourself but if you are serious about trading then I assure you that you do not need to look any further. This is the right team to have around you. I’m now 100% confident that it is not if but only a matter of time when I achieve my goal of being a full-time trader.

Thank you Zaheer for everything.

Dominique Femtonprocentarn Wilner, Sweden


Before being mentored by Zaheer, I had done a lot of research into Forex on the internet but found nothing of real substance. I attended seminars but found that their courses were over-priced for the length and content. There was simply too much selling and I am not one to buy under pressure-selling. I had known Zaheer for several years and when I found out that not only was he a trader but also a mentor, I was intrigued. I checked out his website and courses and with my trust already in place with Zaheer, realised the courses were unique and exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a complete immersion into trading and with on-going support so was not left on my own to fall into bad habits. I started instantly and have absorbed all the principles of Smart Money trading Zaheer has instilled into me. I come from a day trading background and so it was hard at first and I even broke some of the rules, to my own downfall. Zaheer warned me not to do that but sometimes we have to learn our own way. I am now consistently following the rules and I can see my account growing slowly and steadily. The early days are challenging and you need time to understand the strategies but once everything makes sense, it becomes simple and straightforward. If you are looking to learn to trade then Zaheer is your man!

 Albert Costas, Spain


After stumbling across Zaheer on Twitter, I was intrigued as to his method of successful trading which didn’t require one to sit at the computer all day. Unlike myself who sat most of the day with no real success. From my first Skype call with Zaheer, I knew then that I had found someone who was genuine, sincere and had a real passion for sharing his knowledge, as he to is aware of the pitfalls of trading. The mentoring service is very accessible and they are always there to help. I am extremely pleased and thankful to be part of the Smart Money trading community. I have been through many forums and researched many other companies and none have come close to what is being offered here.  All I can say is money well spent.

John Lamont, Northern Ireland


There is a famous quote from an Army general, “Follow Me”. Zaheer Anwari teaches in a similar way. Zaheer is a successful trader, and he teaches his students how to become successful traders by teaching them how he trades. This is not a classroom exercise on the theory of trading the markets. This is a one to one mentorship where Zaheer shares what it takes to be a consistently successful trader. If this is something you have always wanted to do, you owe it to yourself to learn from someone who not only knows how to do it, but someone who can lead the way.

David L. Goad, Florida USA