We scan the market on a regular basis to find our trade set ups.  In place of going through each chart manually, we quickly and easily scan for trading opportunities using Metastock.

Scanning is effortless and saves hours and hours of otherwise wasted time and effort.  Scanning the market eliminates human mistakes and emotion, providing a short list of good trading candidates.  We can then decide to scan that shortlist with further criteria or view the charts for further examination.

There are a few packages that offer scanning capabilities but we have found that it is very difficult to beat the versatility, simplicity and price of Metastock.

There are three variations of Metastock.

Metastock  End of Day:  Metastock End-of-Day is designed for traders who do their analysis after the markets close.  This is fine for Stock and Futures traders but not ideal for Forex traders.

Metastock  Pro:  Metastock Pro for eSignal uses real-time data.  It actually uses the same data as your Advanced Get so there is an immediate saving in not having to purchase additional live data.  The major advantage of this version over the End of Day version is it can scan the market either end of day or in real-time at any point in the day.   This is an ideal version in terms of price and versatility for short term traders who already use or are intending to use Advance Get.

Metastock for Quote Center:  This has similar features to Metastock Pro (above) but with some added benefits.  The main difference is this version uses it’s own data which has to be paid for in addition to the software.  The benefits are mostly built into the additonal Quote Center software that provides real-time news and easy real-time results display.

The version you feel is most suitable for you is dependent on the type of trader you are.  If you have any questions then please ask us.  We can also organise up to $473 worth of discounts and extras PLUS some of our own scanning tools.


Now that you know about our trading style and philosophy, the mentorship courses we offer and the software we use, all that is left is for you to read about us. Well you have come this far so you might as well!