What Trading Platforms Do We Recommend?

Speak to any serious professional from any industry, and they will tell you how essential it is to have the right equipment. A top advertising photographer wants the best possible high resolution camera to have those huge pixel-perfect images up on the advertising boards. Professional athletes in any sport want the lightest, fastest, strongest bit of kit that will give them the edge over their opponents. Surgeons want the latest technology to help them perform life-saving  and life-changing operations, that once upon a time were stories in sci-fi films.

Why would anyone who wants to master the markets and generate a serious income from it approach the art of trading any differently? It deserves an equally professional commitment from the very beginning, just as any other industry, and anyone who thinks differently should question if they are pursuing trading for the right reasons.

The majority choose to use free source software, usually offered by brokers in order to encourage newbie traders to open trading accounts with them. In reality, free source software is poor in functionality and does not arm the trader with the edge they need to extract consistent profits from the markets. Being equipped with the best software is essential for the 5% Smart Money Trader. Being poorly equipped is the start of a whole host of errors the 95% Dumb Money are guilty of making, leading to certain failure and an empty trading account.

Here at The Traders’ Cosmos, we firmly believe in practising what we preach, and trade the markets using only high-end charting packages to give us that all important edge we repeatedly talk about. In our experience, one stands out head and shoulders above the rest and that is Advanced Get.


Read on to find out why Advanced Get is our choice.