PEG breaks long term range

Last year PEG traded at its highest price since 2008, before failing and falling back into the long term range zone. On the weekly timeframe, we saw price tag the new high and fail before finding major support at the weekly 200MA. This shows how this area can act as a major support or resistance […]

MSFT breaks above the $40 figure

In mid-March, price of MSFT (Microsoft Corp) broke above the $40 figure. This break signalled further bullish strength for this stock. In late 1999, the price of MSFT reached its highest ever peak at $60 a share. In January 2000, price fell more than $10, fuelling a bear market and price fell all the way to $20. This […]

WEC Continues Bull Trend

After the recent consolidation around the $40 figure, price has now broken out of the squeeze and is continuing its bull trend. After price broke the $27 figure in 2010, a clean trend established itself creating new highs on its way up.  Price trended all the way up to the $41.34 figure, creating the 2012 […]


Oil mining up, while Oil futures remain in consolidation.   OUR STOCK SCANNER HIGHLIGHTS OIL AND GAS MARKET!  LONDON, March 31 (Reuters) – Brent crude oil traded near a two-week high around $108 a barrel on Monday as tension between Russia and the West offset a rise in oil supply from OPEC’s second-largest producer Iraq. Prices in […]

EOG Breaks Out

EOG Resources Inc has broken out of a new 52 week high and looks good for further strength.  EOG found resistance at the figure 120 and support at the weekly 200MA in 2010 forcing price into a range. In early 2014, we saw price break above the figure 120, flag, then continue upward trending nicely […]

Paccar Inc Raised Estimate

Goldman Sachs upgrades PACCAR Inc. (NASDAQ: PCAR) from Neutral to Buy and raises the price target from $74.00 to $80.00. This comes as no surprise as it is in the top 3 of its sector. Looking at chart data we can see that this is a viable option to start looking into for investment opportunities […]

ETFC Recovery

ETFC looks like it’s starting to recover from the 2009 crash. This recovery is well overdue and if price makes its way towards the 2008 highs, investors will be in for big profits. At its peak, ETFC was trading at 277.82 in late 2006, before ending up at 6.06 in early 2009. Since that point, […]

EQT Corporation high probability investment

EQT Corporation has provided a high probability set up using technical analysis, here is why. On the weekly chart we can clearly see that price has been in an up-trend since June 2012, but due to annual highs, lows and round numbers acting as resistance, price was slow moving. After price broke the $80 figure, […]

BIIB, potential breakout

If BIIB breaks out of the 52 week high, we will see possible buying opportunities. On the weekly chart, after price broke and retested the 2007 all-time high, a trend was established. Price trended with low momentum until it was met by the $150 figure, where it then consolidated for 4 months before breaking out […]

DIS breaks the figure 80

DIS has recently broken above the figure 80 signalling further bullish strength. On the weekly chart, we saw a clean trend develop after price found support at the weekly 200MA in mid/late 2011. Once the 2011 high was taken out, the trend was confirmed and we looked to enter into the market. Price had plenty […]