Trends On Forex Pairs

Good day traders Today’s video covers some of the Forex pairs that are currently on my watch list as they are in trend and showing signs of break outs and entry points. The AUDUSD, the EURUSD, the EURGBP, the USDJPY and the USDNZD are all on watch list and this video explains why. I analyse […]


Indices Showing Bull Strength

Good day traders The three indexes of the DOw 30, Nasdaq and S & P 500 are showing signs of bullish strength and potential break outs following the pull back through July. The first chart is the weekly of the Dow 30. The weekly shows a clear picture of the bull trend that price has been in […]

Forex Requires Break Outs!

Good day traders The Forex market requires break outs from this current period of consolidation that it has been in over the summer months. 2014 in general has been a quiet year for trends with only a handful of pairs such as the EURAUD and the EURGBP handing out any profit. This video has a […]

JNJ at the $100 Figure

JNJ consolidated for 10 months before breaking towards the upside but now it is being met with the $100 figure.  In January of 2013, JNJ gave way to a clean bullish trend with each week creating higher highs for 19 weeks until price finally found resistance at $90. A small flag formation was formed before […]

DVN supported at $70

DVN has been dealing below the weekly 200MA, using the 2011 low as a major support area. These two points forced price into a prolonged range period until price broke the weekly 200MA in late March. The following week price broke the 52 week high giving indication of further bullish strength. Looking at the daily […]

LNT continues breaking 52 week highs

Since my last blog on The Oil & Gas Market, we have seen LNT do particularly well. Since the major resistance triple top high was broken at $54.18, price has continued gaining strength to the up side. My last blog left price at $55.91 and since then, we have had 5 consecutive bullish weeks pushing […]

Who are the ‘Smart Money’?

  Trading must be used to generate future wealth, not – as new traders are all too often led to believe – for quick profits. Many quit their jobs and assume the title of “full time trader” without appreciating the step they have taken. Usually putting their hard earned savings into an account, new traders are then […]

XEC Breakout

On the weekly time, frame we can see that price established a clean trend after the breakout of the March 2013 pivot high. Price broke above the $100 figure but the break was short lived as price found resistance at $110 and the sellers then forced price back under $100. The pull back reached Fib […]

PEG breaks long term range

Last year PEG traded at its highest price since 2008, before failing and falling back into the long term range zone. On the weekly timeframe, we saw price tag the new high and fail before finding major support at the weekly 200MA. This shows how this area can act as a major support or resistance […]