Why These Courses?

Trust and Value For Money

So, you have made the determination of working SMART and not hard by becoming a trader – it is now simply a matter of choosing the right mentoring programme for you. Live one-to-one training is the very essence of our programmes and this will form the foundation of your learning.

Join our community today and take your trading to the level of the Smart Money experts, where you are consistently profitable in no more than 30 minutes a day.

Our mentoring courses are a complete immersion into the money markets, combining excellent value with 10 years of Smart Money trend trading expertise.

Learning to trade with us includes:

  • Proven Smart Money strategies for trading varying market conditions. You DO NOT need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Unique software tools and pages that gives you the edge you need to trade as price structure changes.
  • An understanding of natural market movement.
  • The advantages of long term trend trading over day trading.
  • Knowing precise entry and exit levels and what strategy to use.
  • Knowing when to stand aside and not over trade your profits away.
  • Building your trading world into “a Cosmos of order” through mastering technical analysis, risk management and the all-important trading psychology.
  • Get your trading down to minutes a day, eventually giving you complete control of your time.
  • Access to our global community of traders where the experienced share trade ideas and are are keen to help new members.
  • On-going support throughout your membership with daily and weekly posts, videos and webinars.
  • And finally, no hidden costs.


Join us today if you truly want to understand how to mater the markets and take control of both your money AND time. Go straight onto the Course Details to find the right package for you!