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Introduction – What is Smart Money trend trading?

The Smart Money are the elite group of traders who have learned to take advantage of the markets on a consistent basis and have built a lifestyle from it. Trends are where price moves either up or down and over a period of time, usually weeks to months. The Smart Money have learned that these patterns repeat themselves and have the expertise to profit on these big moves. This is trend trading. The initial risk is always small, but the returns are far greater. Losses are part of the game and always kept small but the winners cover these and bring home the monetary rewards we are looking for. As we hold our positions for days to weeks to months, this requires very little of our time invested in front of the computer on a day to day basis and so gives us complete control of our money AND time.

We firmly believe in two sayings here at The Traders’ Cosmos; “less is more” and “the trend is your friend”. Watch the video and read below on why and what our unique courses provide:


Trainers who are already full-time traders

Our experienced trainers have been trained in the same Smart Money techniques you will be taught to use and will share their knowledge concisely and accurately.

One-to-one training

All our packages have their foundation built on one-to-one training. Once you gain the necessary experience, you will be invited to join our small group training sessions. This will give you a chance to meet other traders and mentees within our community as well as develop your trading skills further.

Face-to-face training

Our courses are a complete immersion into Smart Money trading, combining face-to-face training as well as regular supplementary webinars, giving complete support throughout the week. For UK residents, the training days take place in our Offices in Surrey, UK. If you live outside, you have the choice of coming to the UK to do the live training or have the same content delivered via live one-to-one webinars at arranged times convenient for you.

Training tailored to your level

People come to us at different stages in their trading journey, from complete beginners to those that have had some success but are looking to take their trading to the next level. The training you receive is tailored to you. People learn at different speeds and have their strengths, which is our main reason for only training on a one-to-one basis. Learning with others is more productive in our group sessions once you have gained the required experience.

Access to our Trading Room Community

You will have access to our Smart Money forum, a closed environment where we discuss only our principles and experienced traders share trade setups and strategies on a daily basis. It is a feature our mentees appreciate the most as it eliminates the fear of feeling isolated in the early days of your trading journey. Here you will get all your questions answered and where our experienced traders will help you to get up to speed with our strategies and tools. This is an essential environment to be in for all who want to be proficient traders. 

Online videos and documentation

The members’ area is loaded with a database of online training videos and documentation, explaining our philosophy and principles in detail. Throughout your membership, you will have full access to this highly useful material for you to visit and re-visit as you grow into the trader you seek to be.


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