Zaheer Anwari

Trading Changed Everything!

I am a full time trader. Using the the art of technical analysis, I have learned how to take full advantage of long term trends found on the weekly and daily time frames. After many years of applying this philosophy to all the financial markets and becoming consistent with high percentage returns, I then created The Traders’ Cosmos. We are globally teaching the art of long term trading to private traders, big and small. By determining a trend through technical analysis, we then compound (scale in) our positions, keeping our risk small but our reward exponentially uncapped.

I am a firm believer that anyone with the right approach to trading can be successful at it and that Forex is the ideal environment to learn. Once these principles have been mastered in Forex, traders should then learn to simply apply these same principles to the most liquid markets throughout the year as Forex is not always trending. The style of trading The Traders’ Cosmos promotes and teaches takes no more than 30 minutes a day and can be adapted around your lifestyle. It is trader-friendly as opposed to broker- friendly and once mastered is empowerment of not just your money but also your time.

What is my motivation?

You! I want to guide you from novice to successful trader, bringing you into a unique cosmos of elite traders, who have all mastered the key aspects of trading.

Successfully completing the mentorship programme will mean you will be at trader in your own right.

I was blessed to have met my trading mentors early on in my trading journey, which saved me thousands of pounds on courses and black box systems and most importantly my time. I am paying this forward and want to give the same opportunity to those who really want to become independent professional traders.

My teaching background allows me to communicate my knowledge across in a simple yet highly effective way, giving momentum to the learning phase of my mentees.

If you are curious to find out more about me and my journey as a trader then please contact me. I will be more than happy to answer any questions about trading and most questions about me!!


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