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The Traders’ Cosmos was set up by Zaheer Anwari for the simple reason of being able to pay it forward. We were both fortunate to have found our trading mentors very early on in our trading journey saving us from spending a large amount of our hard earned money and more importantly our time on trying different bogus courses to master the markets. The Traders’ Cosmos is here to offer that same opportunity to driven and like-minded individuals who want to not only generate a second income from trading the money markets but eventually go on to achieve what 95% try and fail on and that is to become FULL TIME SMART MONEY TRADERS.

We specialise in catching long term market trends through technical analysis. We trade on the patterns found in the data through technical analysis which adds a certain level of predictability to price movement.The Forex market is the largest market in the world with $4 trillion dollars traded daily. This involves millions, maybe billions, of people trying to predict if price will go higher or lower over a period of time in the future. For that reason it is people that move the market and create these patterns repeatedly and it is that predictable behaviour and response we trade on.

Here at The Traders’ Cosmos we will enpower you with the knowledge to use technical analysis to catch these long term trends by trading only the “high probability” set ups. You will know how to bring home those huge monetary gains most people seek but fail to achieve, and even better still, all through not over trading.

There are no secrets to the way we trade. All the strategies we use are explained in full. The tools we use and why we use them and what we don’t use and why we don’t use them are also covered. We believe in keeping our trading simple and not over cluttering pages with indicators. We will teach you how to use price as your main indicator with the use of only a handful of indicators to add weight to your decision. We will teach you how to approach the market using technical analysis, what strategy to use depending on market condition, how to enter the market using a broker and how to manage trades to get maximum profit. We will also teach you how to manage your risk the Smart Money way so you will never be the 95% Dumb Money.

After the initial education process, once mastered, trend trading the market requires less than 30 minutes a day. No other career choice can bring home such huge rewards with such time dedicated to it on a daily basis. Everyone should have the right to be in control of both their financial future and how you manage your time and trading the Forex, Futures and Stock markets gives you that freedom.

Here at The Traders’ Cosmos, we want to make you into a confident and successful trader, extracting regular profits from the market. The 1-to-1 mentoring and easy to understand Trading Room is designed for both the complete newbie to the markets and to those who have trading experience but are not making the profits they want.

We believe that anyone with the right approach and mentoring can enjoy the rewards and life style of being a Smart Money trend trader from home and to help you achieve that is The Traders’ Cosmos mission.

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