About Us

The Trader’s Cosmos is the gateway into our Dynamic Trader community. It is created by traders for traders. It is the community to be a part of to achieve trading success.

As a member of The Trader’s Cosmos, we will:

- Mentor you strictly on a 1-2-1 basis, tailoring it to your level to be able to start trading straight away. 

- Arm you with proven long-term trend trading strategies that are simple to follow and easy to learn.

- Help you understand that it is not how many winners you have but how large they are that generates consistent results and growth on your trading account. 

- Train you on our unique and highly-sophisticated software that will give you the edge you need to see consistent growth on your trading account. 

- Show you how to use our software to get your trading down to 30-minutes a day within days to adapt trading around your current lifestyle.  

- Surround you with the support you need through the help of our community of highly experienced full-time traders to eliminate the fear and feeling of isolation. 

- Prepare you for the week ahead with up-to-date market data videos and watch lists to ensure you are ready to capitalise on the best trading opportunities. 

- Keep you up-to-date through our closed forum as the week develops on market activity and trading opportunities.  

- Respond to questions and issues you have within moments through our closed-forum of senior traders for a smooth and enjoyable journey as a member of our community. 

- Not up-sell you any other courses as there is full transparency of the financial commitment involved from the beginning. 

- Ensure you avoid the many pitfalls aspiring traders regularly face such as cheap and bogus courses and broker-friendly strategies. 

- Not profit from your trades as we are not affiliated to or have any IB agreements in place with brokers. 

- Give you 100% access to all our knowledge and tools in which ever course suits your budget. 

- Provide you with excellent value through our USPs which are the 1-2-1 training, the closed community of full time traders and our unique high-tech software.

The Traders’ Cosmos provides the solution for your trading needs.

Trading is more than a way of generating money. It is empowerment of both your money and your time. 

If you are serious about mastering trading the Forex and Stock market and joining our trading community, then contact us TODAY!