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The Traders’ Cosmos is a portal into the journey of becoming a successful trader. With over 20 years experience in the financial markets, we understand how to incorporate a trend trading philosophy around your business and lifestyle. As the saying goes, becoming a successful trader is simple but not easy. We provide the 3 elements needed to speed up the learning process and eliminate the pitfalls many face when first stepping into the lucrative world of trading.

A solid foundation of education is the most important asset when starting your trading journey. One should not start placing trades until they are competent with the key aspects of the money markets. Continue here.

Strategies are the next step after building your knowledge. With the knowledge gained, one should then be competent to trade with proven strategies simply there to highlight opportunities, manage risk and execute trades. Continue here.

Being part of a Community is the final element to becoming a successful trader. We have a unique global community of experienced traders all sharing tips and trade ideas. Newbie traders can gain confidence and clarity in each and every trade they execute by first asking the opinion of senior traders. This will ensure that all the trades that are taken are high probability set ups, no opportunities are missed and nothing has been overlooked in the analysis process. Continue here.